Who doesn’t like nuts? Nuts are tasty, nutritious and healthy. Studies have shown that people who consume nuts regularly have less chance to suffer from coronary heart disease. Nuts are full of minerals and vitamins and help to lower cholesterol levels in your blood. Above all: Nuts are delicious to eat by hand and are perfect to use in confectionary products and many other meals.

Our expertise

Trading nuts requires thorough knowledge of products and market mechanisms. Each nut has its own specific characteristics and trading habits, each origin its own harvesting times, qualities and regulations.

Houz International keeps track on all the forces and movements in the international tree- and groundnut markets. We build long-lasting trading relationships with reliable and trustworthy exporters to be able to get the best products for our clients. It’s a goal for Houz International to supply all grades and qualities of all kinds of nuts all year round.

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