Worldwide operating
trading company in
nuts, seeds and dried fruit

Act local, ship global, serve total

Houz International BV is a worldwide operating trading company in nuts, seeds and dried fruit and a supplier to many well known buyers. Our purchasing agents around the world are in daily contact with suppliers to ensure quality and contracted quantities. The logistics department arranges clean and fast warehousing and transportation and the Houz International traders are always at your service for information and advice.

Our buyers

Our buyers are European roasting & packing companies, confectionery, bakery and wholesale businesses.

Confectionery &
Baking Industry
Roasting &
Packing Companies

Our company

In the philosophy of Houz International B.V., the client should not be troubled with all the difficulties in international trade. Solving issues concerning quality, language, transportation, warehousing, documentation, insurance, financing and, most important, picking reliable partners from the maze of suppliers is our business and responsibility.

Houz International delivers the produce as agreed, not problems, worries or excuses.

Customer-centric service

The client takes the central position in our vision. It’s our job to retrieve all useful information about the requirements of the client, the end-use of the goods, the products and product markets by being in constant contact with both clients and suppliers. Using this knowledge, network and logistical power, we make sure you receive the products you need at the moment you need them.


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